Handwoven Mengkuang Items

Selected handwoven mengkuang / pandanus objects that merged traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics, made in close with close collaboration with a group of women weavers led by HKY Collections.

Handmade in local workshops, not factories. 

Embracing slow and small production process - each product is made in local craft workshop that honours age-old tradition. 


Every product passes through the hands of various communities and workshops across Malaysia. Our extensive network of skilled artisans includes traditional batik makers and mengkuang-weavers in Terengganu, as well as skilled tailors from refugee communities in Kuala Lumpur.


Exploring innovative solutions to create eco-concious craft products by upcycling cotton or linen from luxury hotels into batik, repurposing event banners, and utilising felt materials from events. We also work with natural raw materials like mengkuang / pandanus for our series of woven products.

Rooted in traditional crafts of batik-making and mengkuang-weaving

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